MMV – Rail Austria urges for easing at the borders

The private freight railway is anticipated to operate 360 block trains carrying petroleum products, fertilisers, chemicals and new cars in 2017

MMV – Rail Austria urges for easing at the borders

After receiving the safety certificate, MMV – Rail Austria GesmbH now operates block train transportations under its own responsibility for the first time. The company based in Wiener Neudorf receives support from partner railways and sister companies.

Since 2005, MMV Zrt., the Hungarian private railway company, with headquarters in Budapest, has been operating. During this period, the subsidiary of Petrolsped Kft. has become a strong provider of rail freight traction services. In Hungary alone, some 20 million locomotives carried around 3 million tonnes of freight in the previous year.

Four years ago, the founding of the rail company Petrolsped Slovakia marked the first step towards internationalisation. Two years later, in other words in 2015, MVV Rail Romania s.r.l. and MMV – Rail Austria GesmbH, headquartered in Wiener Neudorf, were established. The result was a group of rail companies with the ability to fully cover the Danube corridor with their own traction from Passau to the Black Sea.

Rail transport is hampered by the status quo on both, the Austro-Hungarian and Hungarian-Romanian borders. Delays in the processing the trains of all of the rail companies occur on a regular basis, so the transit times for rail transports from Germany to Romania can be extended by 10-24 hours overall. In this regard, MMV – Rail Austria’s Managing Director Norbert Körös, on behalf of the entire industry, urges for a quick recovery of the situation, “so the railway can stand up with international road freight transport”.