Mega-special transport of Prangl in Western Styria

An 84-ton container measuring 21.5/4.3/4.0 meters will be moved from Neusäß near Augsburg to Voitsberg

Mega-special transport of Prangl in Western Styria

The Prangl Gesellschaft m.b.H. is taking care of a spectacular contract this week. An oversized stainless steel container will be moved from Neusäß near Augsburg (company Rohrleitungsbau Süd) will be moved to Voitsberg (Berglandmilch) for future use as an evaporator. Due to the extreme dimensions and the piece weight, it is one of the largest special transports ever carried out in West Styria according to the company data.

The handling of the approximately 800-kilometer-long transport takes place with a special vehicle combination, formed by a 4-axis tractor and an 11-axis THP vessel bridge. The transport trolley including the container loaded on it weighs around 157 tonnes at a length of 36.5 meters, a width of 4.3 meters and a height of 4.5 meters.

In order to be able to carry out this transport at all, the preliminary planning and engineering work was started at the beginning of the year. There are permanently four accompanying vehicles as well as an assembly bus and an instruction vehicle involved. In total, eight people are constantly involved in the transport. In addition, there are additional police escorts on some routes in Germany.

For the manipulation of the container at Berglandmilch in Voitsberg, the vaporizer has to be transferred to another, shorter special vehicle in a parking lot in front of the factory in order to cope with the narrow curve radii on the company premises. The transshipment is carried out by two 120 ton mobile cranes. In the factory as such, the evaporator will be lifted to its final position on June 9th with a 350-ton mobile crane and a 500-ton mobile crane in a tandem lift.