LTE-group launches new rail shuttle

In its new train shuttle from Rotterdam to Poznan the LTE group sees the ecological benefits of rail-transportation

LTE-group launches new rail shuttle

LTE-NL has recently launched the Rotterdam-Poznan-Shuttle on behalf of P&O Ferrymasters and Erontrans Logistics Services. At four roundtrips per week the company moves trailers from the P&O-Terminal in Rotterdam to the Poznan CLIP-Terminal Swarzedz (via Emmerich and Frankfurt/Oder) as an A-B connection. A significant part of the trailers come from or move to England by ferry.

Each train transports 36 trailers. On the road a trailer would travel approx. 1.000km, so one train saves approximately 288.000km by truck per week.

In its film „Lord of the Rails – one rail to serve“ the enterprise offers a logistics quiz on its website. First to third places receive a “Lord of the Rails”-package (a model locomotive, a “Lord of the Rails – one rail to serve”-poster signed by all actors, etc.), places four to ten win a LTE-group merchandising article.