L’Oréal builds mega logistics facility for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Prologis develops the more than 100,000 m² carbon-neutral logistics property in Muggensturm

L’Oréal builds mega logistics facility for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Prologis, Inc., the global market leader in the logistics property industry, and L’Oréal have laid the foundation stone for a new logistics facility in Muggensturm, Germany, on April 11th. Early next year, all of the 450 employees should be able to move to the new facility.

After completion the carbon-neutral property will comprise approximately 100,000 m² of logistics space. L’Oréal plans to supply its markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Muggensturm. 

The new facility will be the largest distribution centre of the L’Oréal Group worldwide. The current capacity of the location in Karlsruhe will be almost doubled. The new building enables the cosmetics group to grow sustainably and integrate the logistics processes also for Switzerland.

“The requirements of our customers are rapidly changing. In Muggensturm, we can respond even more flexible. Bundling our operations at a single location enables us to cooperate even more efficient in the future, which will make our processes simpler, more modern and sustainable,” explained Klemens Gschwandtner, director of operations DACH at L’Oréal.

The building will meet very high environmental standards. “Both the embedded footprint of the construction and the operations of the logistics facility are carbon neutral. The building will be equipped with reinforced insulation and a 1.8 megawatt photovoltaic system“, said Thomas Karmann, managing director, regional head, Prologis Northern Europe.

The electricity produced by the system is fed into the grid of a utility company and is then purchased back by L’Oréal to the extent needed. Besides, L’Oréal uses “green energy” generated by wind turbines for example. Rainwater is used for irrigation of the green spaces, hall cleaning and toilet flushing.

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