LogCoop warehouse network creates structures in Eastern Europe

Quehenberger Eastern Europe, S Logistics in Bulgaria and BMJ GmbH are the new partner companies outside Germany

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LogCoop GmbH has found its first member from Bulgaria: S Logistics Ltd. At the beginning of the year, the logistics cooperation began to expand its activities abroad. Since then, three logistics service providers outside of Germany have joined the network.

In the future, too, the internationalisation will be further promoted. For its members, this results in the advantage that they can also map transport and storage orders outside Germany via these partners. The aim is to establish the successful model of LogCoop with the largest German warehouse network also abroad.
“Our cooperation has developed excellently in Germany. Now we could observe, that there is also a great need for cooperation in the areas of transport and warehousing in other countries,” says Marc Possekel, Managing Director of LogCoop GmbH. Within Germany, LogCoop counted around 70 members one year after it was founded in 2013. Today, around 120 companies are part of this cooperation.

Internationalisation is in high demand among its members. In the first six months of 2018, LogCoop has gained a number of partners with corporate headquarters abroad. Many of the 120 companies have their locations in Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Great Britain, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain or Hungary.

BMJ GmbH is the cooperation’s expert for Russia. The subsidiary of BMJ Logistics is specialising in transport and logistics services in the largest country in the world. Knowledge of Finland is provided by the European Road Trucking GmbH, which was co-founded by a Finn. Likewise, companies such as ICT International Container Transport GmbH or Quehenberger Eastern Europe have international expertise within the cooperation.

“Ultimately, the entire world can be reached via LogCoop,” says Marc Possekel. The further internationalisation progresses, the bigger is the benefit for its members. When actively acquiring new partners, LogCoop initially focuses on the Benelux countries, Great Britain, Italy and Austria.

The focus of internationalisation is on the LogCoop warehouse network. With around 70 members and more than 100 locations, it has approximately 2.8 million m² of warehouse space in Germany. In addition, there are 335,000 m² at 22 warehouse locations abroad. As members bundle their storage capacity, they can offer shippers warehouse and contract logistics solutions even if their own space is insufficient for a request.

The members of LogCoop based abroad:

· Ebrex Business Solutions Ltd., Great Yamouth, United Kingdom
· S Logistics Ltd., Sofia in Bulgaria         
· SG Spedition GmbH, Schaffhausen in Switzerland
· Sieber Transport AG, Berneck in Switzerland
· Quehenberger Eastern Europe GmbH, Strasswalchen in Austria
· Eurotrans Spedition GmbH, Linz in Austria
· Exact Logistics Ltd., Nuneaton in the United Kingdom
· Forum Eupen, Eupen in Belgium
· Galambos Trans Kft, Vép in Hungary