KGH Customs has launched new online tool UCC

UCC Navigator leads users in a simple and efficient way through the customs procedures of the European Union

KGH Customs has launched new online tool UCC

KGH Customs Services has presented a new online tool that enables users to efficiently search for the new customs requirements of the Union Customs Code. The UCC Navigator has a wide area of use and is of benefit to everyone involved in trade with the EU.

Following the introduction of the Union Customs Code, the public and private sectors have been looking for a smart way to navigate the complexity of the UCC, which must be read in conjunction with the Delegated Act, the Transitional Delegated Act and the Implementing Act to gain a proper understanding and interpretation of the legal provisions.

UCC Navigator is a highly sophisticated online tool that enables the complexity of EU customs legislation to be navigated with ease, vastly increases efficiency and mitigates the significant risk of overlooking interrelated provisions. Available in 16 languages, it provides users with a visual overview of legislative linkages between the various legal provisions through the use of smart interactive infographics.

Developed by the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES), the world’s leading academic institute in the highly specialised area of customs and cross-border regulation, exclusive distribution rights for UCC Navigator have been secured by KGH Customs Services.

“We are very pleased to be able to add this world class product to our range of leading technology solutions,” says Lars Börjesson CEO of KGH. “UCC Navigator will add considerable value to our customers, while strengthening our position as the market leader in innovative Customs business solutions.”

“The need for a sophisticated tool of this nature has increased significantly since the introduction of UCC last year, and there is no doubt that it will become an essential operational tool for anyone dealing with EU Customs Law,” continues David Widdowson, Director of the newly established KGH Trade and Customs Academy, which is a joint initiative of KGH Customs Services and CCES.