Jost Group, Luxembourg, accelerating international development

Acquisition of Kuypers Cargo Service to strengthen the position in the international airfreight business

Jost Group, Luxembourg, accelerating international development

With the acquisition of Kuypers Cargo Service, a well-known player in the aircargo road and express transport, active in the Netherlands and Germany, Jost Group will set up in Maastricht (NL) and Köln (D), which brings the number of countries already welcoming the operational and administrative teams of the logistician to 11.

This activity, which is present within Jost Group since 2013, will therefore become an important business line in the context of its international development. The Group is located in the golden triangle for air freight: Amsterdam – Paris – Frankfurt, near the harbors of Antwerp and Rotterdam and at the center of the regions in which the main container terminals in terms of rail and river transport are located. Furthermore, Jost Group is also completing the construction of its own multimodal platform on the Trilogiport site in Liège.

KCS is a family company, which employs 180 people (including 140 drivers). Marcel and Paul Kuypers made their business grow significantly, shaping it to a dynamic and healthy company. Then they thought it was essential to move to a higher stage of growth, in the context of an increasingly competitive market and the crucial importance of technological innovations. So, the integration into a Group with enough financial substance and a strong structure turned out to be the best solution.

On 24th November 2017, the 180 people, the 100 motor vehicles, the 120 trailers (a majority of rollerbeds to be added to 130 already owned by the Group), as well as the facilities in Maastricht and Köln joined the large family of Kangaroo. A great challenge for Marcel Kuypers (46 years old), who will continue to lead,  the development of the company to the future, within Jost Group and supported by this new environment.

KCS means a turnover of more than EUR 22 million generated by high quality human resources, continuously trained to the requirements of the transport and logistics sector, with experience, recognized by professionals and customers. Air cargo, temperature-controlled transport, transport of medical products, express transport, warehouse logistics (picking, kitting, packing, distribution) and real estate represent all the activities of this newcomer at Jost Group, which continues to develop itself in intelligent, interconnected and integrated logistics.

Jost Group is a leading transport and logistics company in Europe and provides added-value services in the areas of road transport, air and sea freight, logistics, customs and forwarding services. It has 300,000m² of warehouses, around 2,700 people throughout Europe and the Maghreb, 1,400 motor vehicles and 3,100 towed vehicles. Turnover in 2016 was EUR 307 million.