Intereuropa Group: Business increased considerably in 2018

Six years have passed since the signing of the agreement on the financial restructuring of the transport and logistics company

Intereuropa Group: Business increased considerably in 2018 Bild: Intereuropa Group

The performance of the Intereuropa Group in 2018 was characterised by high growth in sales revenue, the highest net profit since 2007 and the continued reduction of debt. The aim is to strengthen the market position of the leading provider of comprehensive logistics services on the markets of Southeast Europe.

The company with headquarters in Koper (Slovenia) reports EUR 160.4 million in sales revenue last year, an increase of 7% relative to 2017 and 2% higher than planned. Companies in Slovenia generated more than two thirds of the Group’s total sales revenue. Revenue growth was achieved on all markets, except Serbia and Ukraine.

EBITDA was EUR 12.8 million in 2018, while operating profit (EBIT) amounted to EUR 6.4 million. It generated a net profit of EUR 4.8 million. On account of the positive economic sentiment, there is an increasing shortage of operational personnel on the market. This has also resulted in increased pressure on labour costs and slightly higher employee turnover.

At the end of the year, the management drafted a new strategic plan for the period until 2022. That plan lays down key strategic policies and objectives for the next strategic period, in which our aim is to further strengthen the competitive advantages. The objective is to be a superior provider of comprehensive logistics solutions in the in the western Balkan region.

Ernest Gortan, President of the Management Board: “In the scope of the land transport, intercontinental transport and logistics solutions business lines, we focus on products with higher value added and those with high growth potential. In accordance with our customer segmentation, we are developing the appropriate approach to various groups of customers with the aim of satisfying their needs and establishing long-term relationships.

The consortium of creditor banks that together holds a majority interest in Intereuropa, d. d. restarted activities to sell the Company’s shares in 2018. They like to find an owner that recognises the growth potential of the Intereuropa Group and contributes to its continued growth.

The Intereuropa Group is the leading provider of comprehensive logistics solutions in the western Balkan region. A full range of services is provided through the following three key business lines:

• the land transport segment comprising groupage: domestic transport, road transport, railway freight and customs clearance services;

• the logistics solutions segment comprising warehousing and distribution services; and

• the intercontinental transport segment comprising sea freight, car logistics, shipping agency services and air freight.

Facts and figures Intereuropa Group

Employees: 1,327

Total warehousing area: 223,000 m²

Total land area: 1,66 million m²

Own branch network: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania and Ukraine