Inntaler Logistik-Park (ILP) opens its “Truck Checkpoint”

Before crossing the Brenner, truck drivers can check the tire pressure and weight in Kufstein, Tyrol

Inntaler Logistik-Park (ILP) opens its “Truck Checkpoint”

With the “Truck Checkpoint” at their location south of Kufstein, Inntaler Logistik-Park (ILP) GmbH breaks new ground in the fuel station market. As of now, truck drivers can check tyre pressure, profile as well as axle and total weight after refueling at this station close to the A 12 motorway (Inntalautobahn). If they roll their vehicles on a particular lane at a speed of 5 km / h, over the built-in ground sensors and axle scale, they know immediately whether the values correspond to the legal and technical driving requirements, and can correct them with a tire service or a workshop without delay.

If weight problems occur, the staff of the ILP provides support with re- or unloading. The service will be available free of charge in 2016, and for a small fee from the beginning of 2017. Then transport companies can integrate this service into their fleet management. When registering at the website of ILP (, the companies will be provided with data in real time, and can immediately transmit instructions to the driver.

As the first large-scale fuel station in Austria, ILP GmbH offers a fully automated service. “The “Truck Checkpoint” saves fuel and improves driving safety for transport companies,” explains Thomas Rinnhofer, CEO ILP. “This way they can save the environment and reduce their CO2 emissions”, he adds. An optimal tyre pressure avoids vehicle breakdowns and increases the service life of the vehicles. Furthermore this shortens braking distances and prevents skidding by aquaplaning during heavy rainfalls.

With the checked axle and total weight trucks and drivers will be safer on the road. Moreover there is less burden on the pavement, which also protects the environment. Apart from that, they do not have to fear any traffic controls. Just on the A 12-motorway, which is part of the Brenner route, in recent years the police has stopped more and more vehicles. According to the Innsbruck provincial government they controlled around 500,000 trucks in 2015 in Tyrol, and determined breaches of EU regulations and of the social legislation, especially concerning the weight. There are also controls in South Tyrol and close to the German border. With annually approximately 2.1 million transportations across the Brenner (2015), at least every fourth truck is controlled.

ILP GmbH has opened the “Truck Checkpoint” at one of the busiest service stations in Austria, with 14 gas pumps. Every working day up to 250 trucks pass this site. Here they can pay with all international fuel cards. ILP accepts 23 cashless – products and also offers its own fuel card. In addition, forwarders and transport companies will be able to rent office space there shortly. Currently there are about 370 m² available.

Inntaler Logistik-Park (ILP) GmbH is a company of the Dettendorfer group, which is known for its sophisticated solutions for full and less than full load services. For many customers in the steel, paper, wood, food, beverage and automotive industries, they developed individual transport and logistics concepts. In the reverse logistics, Dettendorfer has been offering innovative recycling and recovery solutions for years.

With a group turnover of EUR 262 million (2015), the company has 13 locations in Europe with around 560 employees, and operates its own truck fleet with 256 tractors and 367 trailers.