Innovative pallet logistics solution for Hofer Austria

Plastic pallets from Walther Faltsysteme optimising reusable logistics at Hofer

Innovative pallet logistics solution for Hofer Austria

Developing the Dusseldorf plastic pallet, Walther Faltsysteme has completed one of the largest logistics contracts in its 40-year history. The long-lasting pallet solution is designed so that it can be 100 percent recycled: the Fraunhofer Institute confirms its outstanding eco-balance. A simple way of repair is ensured by exchangeable runners.

The product also offers the possibility of double-decker transport. Via the integrated RFID chip, the intelligent load carrier transmits the location of goods in real time for Hofer in Austria. This is ensuring smooth processes in the supply chain, minimising pallet shrinkage and optimising the inventory management of the load carriers. Since the beginning of the year, pallets have been in circulation at Hofer.

“We see the plastic Düsseldorf range as the future standard load carrier for intralogistics. Especially for companies with a high degree of automation, they will replace their wooden counterparts in the future,” says Thomas Walther, managing director and owner of Walther Faltsysteme.