Increasingly less truck load capacity in Europe

Independent transporters can choose their clients and the most lucrative orders

Increasingly less truck load capacity in Europe


Free hold capacities are becoming increasingly scarce in Europe. This is reflected in TimoCom’s transport barometer. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Europe’s largest transport platform showed 71 freight orders to just 29 cargo holds.

For the whole of the year 2017, the TimoCom Transport Barometer has an average freight-to-load ratio of 70:30 in Europe. In September 2017, a cargo all-time high was recorded with a value of 78 percent. This means that fewer and fewer free trucks are available for a steadily increasing number of goods that have to be transported from A to B.

“The purchasing behaviour on the European transport market has changed noticeably within a very short time. Where contractors have previously selected their transport partner, today the contractors choose in real time the right freight for their capacities. The search has clearly changed the sides,” says TimoCom Company spokesman Gunnar Gburek with regard to the unequal volume ratio in 2017.

In the same period of the previous year, the freight / cargo hold ratio on the European transport market was more balanced: at a ratio of 53:47, the TimoCom transport barometer showed only slightly more cargo in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Gunnar Gburek also sees positive effects from this development: “These are good times for motorists. The profession will again receive more appreciation and wages will rise. The driver will once again be seen for what he is: an indispensable partner in a supply chain that secures wealth and economic power in our country. “

Gunnar Gburek is convinced that the haulage contractor will be able to detach himself from dependencies and offer his services on the market directly or via freight exchanges. Ultimately, the entire industry could benefit from this: “Transport will become more attractive again.”