How women are driving Austrian logistics

Romana Steko-Papousek and Heike Sommer prove that also women can succeed in a male preserve

How women are driving Austrian logistics

It has been long since there had only been men at the control levers in the logistics industry, although they still dominate this profession today. This does by no way mean that women are not suited for this industry.

Romana Steko-Papousek, MBA is an example of a successful entrepreneur in the logistics industry. In 1994 she founded “Steko-Trans”, a cargo transport company, that is still operating today as a family enterprise. Meanwhile, the company operates about 50 vehicles and employs 54 staff.

According to Romana Steko-Papousek, women are a driving force in the logistics industry. In autumn 2014, she therefore founded the ladies logistics club(DLC), with the objective of strengthening the women’s network and to improve conditions in the transport and logistics sector, as well as cooperation between the different transport modes. By now, around 140 decision makers from transport, logistics, trade, industry and policy on the guest list of the DLC.

Also Heike Sommer, member of the DLC and Managing Director of DHL Freight Austria for Austria and Slovenia, demonstrates that a career in the trucking industry is an option for women. “The truth is, that women have to prove more than men. However, it’s always an eye-opener for men to see what women can do. In my opinion, you have to be confident and not have any doubts about yourself,” she tells in the interview with Österreichische Verkehrszeitung, the Austrian transport magazine.

Issue N° 31/32 of the ÖVZ magazine will feature a detailed report on the topic of women in logistics.;