High distinction for CEO Johannes Hödlmayr

Golden Gable Cross-award from Upper Austrian Raiffeisen-bank honours the success oft he vehicle logistician

High distinction for CEO Johannes Hödlmayr

CEO Johannes Hödlmayr recently received the “Golden Gable Cross”-award from the Upper Austrian branch of the Raiffeisen bank. This honour, which is presented annually for outstanding achievements, is intended as an expression of both recognition and esteem. This commendation relates both to Johannes Hödlmayr’s successful activities as a businessman and also his commitment as the head of the Transport and Haulage Section of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

In his valedictory address, the CEO of Hödlmayr International made a special reference to the untiring efforts of the 1,800 Hödlmayr employees, stating that without them, his achievements would be simply impossible.  

Hödlmayr International AG is a family-owned, internationally operating company focusing on “vehicle logistics” as its core competence. The company specialises in the complete supply chain from vehicle acceptance ex-works or entry port, to delivery to the vehicle retailer or fleet owner.

In addition to managing one of Europe’s largest transport fleets, the group has a European network of logistics centres, where vehicles are prepared for local and regional markets.

KPI – key performance indicators Hödlmayr group 2017

Employees 1,800
Vehicles transported 1,750,000
Truck fleet 780 vehicle transporters
Block trains 12
Total compound area 50,000 storage spaces
Releasing performance 1,000,000 vehicles
Turnover 2017 EUR 275 Mio.
CO² reduction 65,000 tonnes/year