GYSEV takes over the first two of Siemens Vectron locomotives

All 9 locomotives on order to be used for international cargo trains and national passenger trains will be delivered before the end of this year

GYSEV takes over the first two of Siemens Vectron locomotives

The Hungaro-Austrian railway company GYSEV, also known as Raaberbahn in Austria, took over the first two of nine Siemens Vectron locomotives in total at the Sopron railway station on 23 May. They can be operated under both direct current and alternating current and are equipped with several train protection systems. For this reason, the locomotives are used mainly in cross-border cargo transport, but in the future they will also be seen in InterCity passenger transport within Hungary. Their design in green-yellow-white colors traditionally represents GYSEV and also GYSEV Cargo.

By modernising its fleet GYSEV will significantly strengthen its market position in international cargo and passenger transport on the Hungary – Austria – Germany corridor. In total three Vectron MS, six Vectron AC – two of which were equipped with an additional diesel drive – are on order. The top speed of the GYESEV Vectron is 160 km / h for all types. They are approved for cross-border traffic and equipped with the European train control system ETCS Level 2.

The first two Vectron locomotives that were now handed over are so-called three-system locomotives, meaning they can be operated under three different electrical drive line systems. The bogies are from the Siemens plant in Graz. The final approval is expected shortly, so the two locomotives shall be put into operation by June.

The decision to modernise the fleet followed GYSEV’s completion of a development loan with the European Investment Bank last summer. The order of the modern Siemens Vectrons was announced after a public tender in March.