Gruber Logistics supplies the Brenner Base Tunnel

Upon completion, the impressive structure will be the longest underground railway in the world

Gruber Logistics supplies the Brenner Base Tunnel

The Gruber Logistics, a company based in South Tyrol, continues to work for the transport and installation of the tunnel drilling machines “Flavia” and “Virginia” for the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel between Austria and Italy. The transport of the various components of the machines, which started several months ago, requires the seamless cooperation of various branches and departments of the logistics service provider due to the sheer size and weight of the freight.

Thus each machine requires approximately 160 individual transports to carry the total of 2,887 tonnes of equipment from the manufacturer to the construction site. The heaviest components were transported from Schwanau in Baden-Württemberg to Kehl, then by barge on the Rhine to Antwerp and afterwards by sea to Marghera near Venice. The last part of the trip, to Mauls, was covered by truck transport.

Once at the construction site, the components will be brought underground for assembly directly at the drilling site. To date, Gruber Logistics has delivered about 20 components per machine; the works will continue until the end of March.

Last week, the first of the two rolling bearings was successfully transported into the tunnel. This component, a hydraulic machine element that enables the rotation of the tunnel drilling head, is the heaviest transported piece of cargo in this project: 146 tonnes and 7,090×6,850×2,600 millimeters. The transport and installation of the second rolling bearing for the sister machine will be completed in the coming weeks. Only after delivery and installation of all components, the actual drilling can start.

Gruber Logistics, founded in 1936, is an owner-managed family enterprise in the third generation. More than 900 employees in 24 branches throughout Europe as well as Russia and China provide services in the areas of full and less than full loads as well as intermodal transport, special and heavy transport, project cargo including air and sea freight, warehouse logistics and industrial relocation.