Gruber Logistics is modernizing and expanding its fleet

In Europe, EUR 14 million were invested in new vehicles in 2017; In 2018, another EUR 11 million will modernize and increase the fleet

Gruber Logistics is modernizing and expanding its fleet

The transport and logistics company Gruber Logistics, headquartered in South Tyrol, is taking advantage of the positive sales development of recent years for in-depth investments in the vehicle fleet and is increasingly focusing on intermodal transport and its own vehicles.

In addition to the direct control of the cargo and the activities of the drivers, the new vehicles also enable the dispatcher to fully integrate the vehicles into the scheduling process. From the receipt of order to the freight bill or the provision of the shipping documents, everything can be handled directly in the vehicle. The drivers also benefit from the new fleet, which offers more driving comfort, more assistance programs and more space inside the cab.

In addition, 140 new intermodal trailers were purchased. “Especially in times when driving bans and restrictions on heavy goods traffic pile up on the roads, we consciously rely on intermodal transport for the benefit of our customers,” says Managing Director Martin Gruber. “In addition, here in South Tyrol we have the Brenner Motorway, one of Europe’s busiest thoroughfares on our doorstep, and we therefore experience firsthand how urgently the highways and the environment must be relieved.”