Green program for the Grimaldi Group

The long term goal of the multimodal logistics company is transporting freight and passengers with zero emissions

Green program for the Grimaldi Group Bild: Grimaldi Group

Last week the XXIII Euromed Convention From Land to Sea, the international summit organized by the Grimaldi Group, was held in Giardini Naxos. 700 top players in finance, transport, logistics and ports sectors, coming from every part of the world, participated in the event, in order to discuss on topics of global interest, such as energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, opportunities for further development of intermodality and short sea transport.

In his opening speech, the Managing Director Emanuele Grimaldi confirmed that the present of the Grimaldi Group is green and that the long term goal is transporting freight and passengers with zero emissions. For this purpose, during the last year the Group programmed large investments in Research & Development, thus confirming its strong commitment in decarbonisation for the protection of the planet.

The first priority of the Grimaldi Group is the compliance with the IMO 2020 regulation on fuels, that will change the maritime transport globally: as from 1 January 2020, the sulphur content of ship emissions shall be less than 0.5%. For this reason, 101 ships out of a 130-strong fleet will be soon equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems, while from January 2020 the remaining ships will be powered with clean fuel. The increasing use of more efficient scrubbers able to filter microplastic particles and heavy metals at sea is also under study.

The objective is the almost total abatement of sulphur and particulate emissions in the air, as evidenced also with the adherence of the Group to the SAILS Charter (Sustainable Actions for Innovative and Low-impact Shipping) as the first Italian signatory. Among other investments, the fleet of the Grimaldi Group will widen with further 17 greenships. 12 ships of the GG5G class for the transport of rolling units, as well as 5 PCTCs (Pure Car & Truck Carrier) have been already ordered and will be the most ecofriendly ro/ro ships worldwide.

Moreover, a tender has been launched for the construction of 2 ro/pax ships of the Superstar class for the Baltic routes, which will be equipped with the biggest battery packs ever installed on a ship. Additionally, the Group is designing a new Supercruise ship to be deployed in the Mediterranean, which will be equipped with the most advanced technologies for the protection of the environment.

An absolute record of the Grimaldi Group are the first ships in the Mediterranean Sea with zero emissions in port: the two twin flagships “Cruise Roma” and “Cruise Barcelona”. Built in 2008, they have been lengthened and refurbished by Fincantieri in Palermo this year. Today both ships are equipped with lythium batteries, to power them during port stopovers without the need to operate their diesel generators, thus achieving zero-emissions in port.

“Energy efficiency is not only a moral obligation in the face of the serious environmental emergency we are experiencing – said Emanuele Grimaldi – It is also the key for the development of the whole international community: intermodal transport is the cleanest and cheapest way of transport, able to promote the growth of the sector. Our engagement for decarbonization allowed us to reach important results: in the last two years the volume of freight transported by the Grimaldi Group has grown by 17%. At the same time, we have significantly reduced fuel consumption as well as sulphur and particulate emissions per mile sailed”.

Established in 1947, Grimaldi is a fully integrated multinational logistics Group specialising in maritime transport of cars, rolling cargo, containers and passengers. Wholly owned by the Grimaldi family, the Group is led by Gianluca and Emanuele Grimaldi, sons of the founder Guido, and their brother-in-law Diego Pacella. Family members are complemented by a highly skilled international management team, based both at the Group’s headquarters in Naples (Italy) and at subsidiary companies and branches located in over 25 countries.