Geodis at the heart of EURO 2016

Since the beginning of EURO 2016, Geodis has been shipping sporting and medical equipment for all the teams taking part in the competition

Geodis at the heart of EURO 2016

120 dedicated, specially trained and authorized drivers will cover 100,000 km before and during the competition following 148 individual transport plans and lead by a control tower operational 24/7. For more than six months, Geodis has been working in partnership with the UEFA to put in place the meticulous organization required to deliver a made-to-measure logistics service for players and staff.

The equipment managed as part of this partnership includes medical equipment (massage tables…) and training materials (balls, markers, etc;). On the arrival of the teams in France, Geodis took charge of the equipment on the tarmac at the airport and shipped it to the base camps/training grounds all over France. During the competition, it has been shipping the equipment to the hotel and then to the stadium before each match.

A dedicated unit at Geodis oversees operations from the Paris head office of EURO 2016 in order to track flows and adapt transport plans in real time if necessary.

Olivier Mélot, Executive Vice-President, Distribution & Express at Geodis says: “We’re gearing up to meet a fantastic challenge. The trust placed in us by the organizers of this competition reflects the high standards of quality that we are able to provide for our customers, no matter how exacting their requirements.”