Gebrüder Weiss sets new focus on High-Tech

The Austrian freight forwarding company has set up the separate industry solution called High-Tech Logistics

Gebrüder Weiss sets new focus on High-Tech

The new focus on high-tech complements the high-end solutions which have been offered to customers by the business unit tectraxx for around 15 years. “It was the time to provide appropriate services also other needs of the market – from simple basic requirements to industry-specific ,must haves’ such as the fulfilment of certain safety conditions, etc.,” says Alexander Horak, Business Development Manager High-Tech Industries Gebrüder Weiss.

The new portfolio provides customers with the required basis, in a modular system, finally culminating in the range of services offered by tectraxx. In addition to the previous tectraxx high-tech services, Gebrüder Weiss has now put its focus on the entire supply chain of the high-tech industry and expanded its range both in width and in depth.

tectraxx still cares about the most challenging issues of technical distribution. In addition, for Gebrüder Weiss the business unit is a gateway to the “World of Teneso”, an association of European leading high-tech logistics providers. This network provides high-tech services throughout Europe.

The basis of Gebrüder Weiss’ High-Tech Logistics are the standard services related to road transport, air and ocean freight as well as logistics. Combined with the so-called High-Tech Basics they cover the standard needs for procurement and distribution of high-tech goods.

If additional tailored services are required, the High-Tech Advanced product range can serve the individual requirements of customers. The range includes, for example, special equipment for high-value transports (such as special trailers, panic button, door sensors, etc.) with active route planning (combined with alarm systems) and storage at TAPA-certified locations with special areas equipped with safety cages for additional access restrictions. Sophisticated reverse logistics and recycling services are available as well.

When it becomes even more challenging, the tectraxx segment comes into play. This product segment is about technical distribution, such as Green button or White Glove services. Specially trained staff takes care of the transport, delivery, installation or assembly, starting with server racks to sensitive, high-quality large-scale equipment such as printers roads or medical devices.;