Fr. Meyer´s Sohn still booking globally via “eBooking”

Dakosy’s shipping platform eBooking enables forwarders to book fast and directly with container shipping companies

Fr. Meyer´s Sohn still booking globally via “eBooking”

Fr. Meyer’s Sohn (FMS) counts among the world’s biggest independent sea freight forwarders. With more than 600 employees in Europe, Asia and America the logistics provider is positioned around the globe. To give customers maximum transparency across all business processes, the company operates a central forwarding system at its headquarters in Hamburg, which can handle all orders within the group.

According to the current market requirements the system is being expanded gradually. This includes also the integration of the Dakosy’s eBooking platform, which allows global booking with container shipping companies. Jürgen Kuseler, IT Manager FMS, sees a big saving potential for his company in this platform: “eBooking helps us to considerably simplify our processes on a global level. Employees at all branches can just send the booking requests from our forwarding system to the carriers at the touch of a button “.

FMS wants to intensify the utilisation of the platform: „We are booking via different channels, meaning via telephone, bilaterally and via booking websites. It’s our aim to address all bookings via eBooking. As to Evergreen Line, we have an eQuote of almost 100 per cent. We are approaching the finish with other carriers, or have initiated negotiations.“

Also Evergreen Line sees a big development potential in eBooking, confirms Ms. Shu-Yun Renner-Hung, IT Manager: “We expect many forwarders to book via eBooking, so we can increase the eQuote considerably. The data we receive via this platform can be processed automatically in our system. Thus we can save time and order processing becomes leaner.“

Forwarders can address most shipping companies via eBooking, either directly or involving INTTRA. By customer request, Dakosy would also establish interfaces with other booking websites, such as e.g. GT Nexus.

Moreover, eBooking can process all formats and convert them into a format required by the carrier. The confirmation of the bookings and the status information regarding the transport process, which is sent by the carriers via eBooking to the forwarders, are also provided in the requested format.

For forwarders the use of eBooking is free. The same applies to carriers, if they also receive the shipping instructions from the forwarders via Dakosy.;