Flash Group founds Redspher digital platform

Redspher incorporates all its companies within one digital platform that simplifies and facilitates on-demand delivery

Flash Group founds Redspher digital platform

The Flash Group, an international provider of on-demand deliveries, has joined all its acquired and established, independent companies and startups under the umbrella brand Redspher: Flash Europe International (international B2B premium logistics), Schwerdtfeger (international B2B premium logistics), Upela (international freight management), Easy2Go (sameday delivery B2B and B2C – currently only available in France), Easy4Pro (Adhoc B2B transport management software), Genius Academy (online training center), Easy2Trace (app to track vehicles and shipment), Roberts.eu (service provider with access to Europe’s biggest fleet of vans) and Yoctu (provider of IT-tools).

Philippe Higelin, CEO of Redspher: “All these autonomous companies have one thing in common: they serve to offer customers the best possible solutions for on-demand deliveries.” Some of the companies are directly related to transport services, while others enable optimised and cost-effective handling of the transport. While Schwerdtfeger Transport and Flash Europe continue to focus on time-sensitive special transports, Easy2Trace, for example, provides an app, which enables more modern and efficient consignment tracking.

“A platform like ours, which offers a complete package of on-demand transportation solutions, is currently unique in the market,” Philippe Higelin adds. Redspher paves the way for the group to form new partnerships to improve the quality and scope of services and to make the most of synergies among its members.

With the support of the Eurazeo investment fund, Flash developed its international expansion as well as its digital strategy in 2015, and continued to increase its internationalisation while stepping up its digital strategy. Consequently, Flash acquired two companies for time-sensitive transports in 2017: EF Express Logistik and Schwertdfeger Transport. These two German competitors allowed Flash to strengthen its presence in the German market on the one hand, and expand the portfolio of digital services on the other”, says Erhan Ün, Country Manager Flash Europe Germany.

“Redspher” is now a European digital group. The group is represented in 19 countries throughout Europe. Thanks to strong organic growth, the establishment of startups and acquisitions, their more than 650 employees generated sales of EUR 258 million last year. “Digitalisation is helping us to overcome the disadvantages of the fragmented logistics market in Europe by efficiently integrating more and more carriers,” says Erhan Ün.


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