First industry report by Spedition & Logistik in Austria

Logistics industry requires more dynamic for location policies and stretches out a hand to the federal government for a new deal

First industry report by Spedition & Logistik in Austria

Much of what the forwarding industry provides for the economy, is beyond the horizon of the public perception – and also much of what stakeholders are doing in the interest of the logistics industry, is „behind the scenes“. These two reasons motivated the forwarding and logistics association Zentralverband Spediton & Logistik to issue its first report on the industry in Austria. The objective of the project implemented in cooperation with the publishing house „News“ is to illuminate the domestic logistics industry and added value.

The Austrian logistics site has much to offer, as a hub for Central, Southeast and Eastern Europe, and also in terms of know how of the domestic forwarders, that is appreciated beyond the borders of the country. However, from the association’s point of view, marketing of „Logistics Made in Austria“ still needs to catch up.

“We want to make a contribution with this industry report. But great success can only be achieved together with politics, industry and trade, and would be for the benefit of all parties involved“, says Oliver Wagner, Managing Director Zentralverband Spedition & Logistik.“

Federal Chancellor Christian Kern mentioned a new deal with the economy. To the new Minister of Transport Jörg Leichtfried we recommend to first of all actively continue the working committee for logistics“, added Wolfram Senger-Weiss, President Zentralverband Spedition & Logistik.

Making the domestic logistics site more attractive was a prerequisite and a great opportunity for the economic and industrial site. Wolfram Senger-Weiss: We are voluntarily stretching out a hand to the new Minister. We attach great importance to the fast implementation of the requirements elaborated under Minister Doris Bures, and promoting an Austrian logistics brand.“

Deisgning Austria as a logistics site is decisive when it comes to successfully establish key industries, and hence for the export industry. Austria is also a logistics site for Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe, creating and securing high-quality jobs. 11,000 companies are directly employing 160,000 persons, generating turnover of EUR 33.6 billion. This includes a direct added value at the amount of EUR 8.6 billion (source: IWI).

Every employee of the Austrian logistics industry secures up to 3.50 jobs in the national economy. Every euro of value added by Austria’s logistics industry secures up to EUR 4.11 of value added by Austria’s economy.