Firm price system for contract logistics with contenta

For transparency and planning safety: On 1 January 2016 contenta has introduced a firm price system for its logistics services

Firm price system for contract logistics with contenta

The firm prices of the Hockenheim-based company apply to the respective number of warehouses, picks and packaging. To customers of contenta this means uniform and predictable prices – industry independent. “Individual agreements are still possible“, they inform in a press release.

The logistics provider offers firm prices for its full service logistics ranging from goods income to storage and waste disposal.
Moreover customers receive additional services on demand, such as the administration and tracing of charge and serial numbers.

Specialising in contract logistics, contenta was established in 2015 in Hockenheim. The 100-per cent subsidiary of Esüdro AG, with more than 50 employees offers customers from trade and E commerce, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics and cosmetics a comprehensive portfolio of logistics services: incoming goods inspection, quality assurance, warehousing, order picking via Pick-by-Light, handling of charges, packaging and dispatch, returns management and customs clearance. The multi user warehouse with modular and multi client warehouse management system at the site in Hockenheim has 11,000 slots on a total storage area of 12,000 m², e.g. for perfume and cosmetic product, or small spare parts for investment goods.