Extensive logistics optimisation with Würth Austria

The specialist in assembly and fastening materials is investing EUR 20 million to expand its central warehouse in Böheimkirchen

Extensive logistics optimisation with Würth Austria

On the 19th of September, the assembly specialist Würth celebrated the topping out ceremony in the company headquarters in Böheimkirchen (Lower Austria) together with the Linz general planner Dr. Ing. Shebl & Partner, the construction companies and employees. The world market leader in the field of assembly and fastening technology is investing EUR 20 million in a comprehensive logistics expansion, including innovative materials handling technology by next year.

Managing Director Alfred Wurmbrand said in his speech: “Our current logistics center has reached its capacity limits, more than 600,000 consignments leave the warehouse in Böheimkirchen each year. Thanks to the generous modernisation of the complete conveyor technology, we will be able to cope with the increasing demands in the supply in the future as well and secure the business location in the long term.”

Thanks to Knapp’s intelligent conveyor technology, the flow of goods between the central warehouse and the 51 Austrian customer centers can be made in reusable reusable boxes instead of disposable boxes, which means a saving of approximately 10,000 tonnes of cardboard and a reduction of approximately 8,000 tonnes of CO² per year. An additional planned photovoltaic system with an output of around 700,000 kilowatt hours should cover 85 per cent of the annual energy requirements of the Würth headquarters in Böheimkirchen.

Since the ground-breaking ceremony on April 5, 2018, more than 350 tonnes of steel reinforcement and 4,000 cubic meters of concrete have been processed at the company site in Böheimkirchen, 20-meter-high columns have been erected and 320 piles with a total length of 1,800 meters anchored in the ground. The expansion of the Würth Austria central warehouse is expected to be completed in December 2019.


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