Expansion plan for Trieste port approved

Hundreds of million Euros investment to expand the container terminal Pier VII and create a Logistical Platform

Expansion plan for Trieste port approved

Trieste Port Authority has approved the 2017-2019 Operational Plan. Innovation, intermodality, infrastructure, industry, logistic integration, internationalization and IT will be the lines of development that will benefit from more than EUR 1 billion in public and private investments in the long term, as well as from EUR 280 million in the short and medium term.

The growth in traffic expected in all sectors of the Port will give rise both to works to the railway infrastructures to increase intermodal traffic, and to interventions aiming to improve the management of port workers and terminal structures. In particular, the creation of a Logistical Platform is expected to be carried out by 2019 at a cost of EUR 132 million Euros – EUR 30 million of which will be provided by the project company – and it will be designed to manage traffic of about 350 ships per year.

As for the costs of the extension of the container terminal of PIER VII – a project included in the Regulatory Plan – the expenses will be borne by the current terminal operator (Trieste Marine Terminal). In the first place they will amount to about EUR 90 million, with the objective of reaching a capacity of 1.2 million TEU. As of today, the procedures for the authorisation of the works are at an advanced stage, while infrastructural adjustments and the reinforcement with new materials are already under way.

Finally, a new Ro-Ro terminal in the area of the Aquila ex-refinery (in the southern part of the Port) as well the utilization of the Free Port also for industrial purposes are further pillars on which to base the expectations of a strong economic growth for the main port of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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