Evergreen Line celebrates 50 years in business

“The Taiwanese Miracle” is one of the world’s leading container shipping lines and continues to defend this position

Evergreen Line celebrates 50 years in business

In September 1968, Dr Yung-fa Chang purchased a second hand cargo vessel and with that Evergreen Marine Corporation was born. Just 50 years later Evergreen Line operates as the fourth largest container fleet in the world, with 196 vessels by a capacity of approximately 1,1 million TEUs.

The company has become a global business embracing not only shipping, but also port terminals, aviation, heavy industrial development and hotel and resort services.

Although many competitors have been bought out or gone bankrupt over the years, Evergreen Line has managed to stand strong. With the exception of the acquisition of the Italian shipping company Lloyd Triestino back in 1998, it has solely grown organically over the past decades.