EUR 43 million EU funding for Austrian infrastructure projects

European Union promotes measures for European Single Sky, networking of vehicles and the further shift of cargo to the railway

EUR 43 million EU funding for Austrian infrastructure projects

Within the framework of the project of the European Union “Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)”, investments are made into key European transport infrastructure, promoting the further development of European transport networks. Austria was able to gain funding for numerous infrastructure projects in the context of the current call for projects (MAP-Call 2015).

“Overall, the CEF Committee earmarked EUR 43 million for Austrian projects in the meeting in Brussels on July 8. The EU funding show that our infrastructure projects meet the high international standards and have effects also across Austrian borders,” says Jörg Leichtfried Minister of Infrastructure.

Approximately half of the total funding will be provided by the EU for the further development of the European Single Sky and the necessary “SESAR Cluster” in Austria. About EUR 10 million are earmarked to support the “C-Roads Austria” project, promoting networking and direct communication between vehicles. The project is part of the European Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) which is aimed to adjust ith the road infrastructure, in particular traffic control technology, to the requirements of digitization. The expansion of safe parkings for HGVs and a truck parking information system along the European corridors through Austria will be funded with about EUR 3.6 million.

EUR 1.4 million of funding will be made available for the expansion of the Rhine-Danube corridor. With this funding, the plans for a second connection of the Wels freight terminal to the core network corridor can be financed. The construction of a second link reduces the necessary shunting operations and increases the processing efficiency at this point of access to the rail corridor.

Austria had applied for a total of EUR 56 million in funding under the CEF program. The proposals have been examined by the European Commission in advance of the CEF Committee’s meeting, and funding recommendations were submitted for each project. All projects submitted by the Austrian Ministry of Transport (bmvit) were entirely classified as eligible.