Ennshafen sees good opportunities with recycling products

The port of Ennshafen has great potential for the central region of Upper / Lower Austria

Ennshafen sees good opportunities with recycling products

Shipping of recycled products seems a promising focus area for inland navigation in Austria. In the course of the second edition of the Danube Business Talks in Linz Werner Auer, Managing Director of Ennshafen Port, emphasised the exceptional capacities of the Danube waterway and its close infrastructure connection between ports and industrial plants but also with global markets.

Currently, an average of 40,000 to 50,000 tonnes of recycled products are handled in Ennshafen per year. The driving forces are Johann Neumüller GmbH, which has handled a total volume of 135,000 tonnes of steel and 120,000 tonnes of scrap (by road, rail, waterway) in 2015, and Bernegger GmbH.

TBS Technische Behandlungssysteme GmbH, a company of the Bernegger Group, has been operating a processing plant for shredder residues for ten years, including associated infrastructure in the Enns industrial park.

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