Ekol is developing its intermodal connections in Europe

Extended weekly direct intermodal connection to and from Greece with Ekol Logistics

Ekol is developing its intermodal connections in Europe

Ekol has launched a direct intermodal connection between France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece. It is operated by Ekol’s own Ro-Ro-service connecting Lavrio with Turkey and France (port of Sète).

This line is an addition to intermodal connections for the Greek customers. From the port of Sète, road transport is organised to France, Spain and Portugal. Ekol also has its own block train services on the Sète- Paris and Sète – Zeebruge (Belgium) routes and back. This allows the company to use trucks only for short distance shipments that are destined for the North of France or Benelux countries, the rest of the trip is done via Ro-Ro or train, according to Dimitris Batakis, Country Manager of Ekol Greece.

From Sète, Ekol’s Ro-Ro service departs every Sunday. The transit time is 5 days (from Sète to Lavrio). Services from Lavrio to Sète depart every Wednesday, where the transit time is also 5 days.

Ekol is developing its intermodal connections in Europe; currently, the company has 48 block trains, operates from 4 ports (one of them being Lavrio) and owns 6 Ro-Ro vessels.

Ekol’s Ro-Ro services from Lavrio go to Turkey and/or Trieste and this new connection extends their intermodal network. “Our goal in Ekol is to offer environmentally friendly services and to strengthen our presence in Europe,” says Batakis.