DPD Austria offers new solution for the last mile

DPD City Hub in “Seestadt” Aspern, Vienna with emphasis on electro mobility

DPD Austria offers new solution for the last mile

DPD Austria – Austria’s leading private parcel service provider– sets a strong example for innovative logistics in urban space with the City Hub opening in “Seestadt” in Aspern, Vienna. DPD developed this within the project EMILIA (Electric Mobility for Innovative Freight Logistics in Austria), a triennial flagship project of the Climate and Energy Fund.

The aim of the first City Hub in Vienna is to store the parcels of the “Seestadt” locally only temporarily, to later on deliver them environmentally friendly and with low noise and low CO2 emissions in Aspern with an electric powered delivery bicycle and an electric transporter. Rainer Schwarz, general manager of DPD Austria, is expecting a volume of 50 parcels per day during the initial period.

Additionally the DPD City Hub fulfils another important function: The hub serves as a pickup parcel shop where parcels that could not be delivered are stored and can be picked up by consignees. Of course the parcel shop is available for parcels to be handed in too.

For the first time a private parcel service provider in Austria opens up a parcel shop which is managed by the parcel service provider itself. “DPD turns the brand into an experience with the City Hub and provides an extensive service for the customers: In addition to handing in and picking up parcels, it is possible, amongst others, to divert a parcel to the City Hub using the parcel navigator, to track the parcel delivery online with live-tracking until it arrives at the shop,“ explains Rainer Schwarz.