DHL Express Austria: Massive increase in B2C shipments

New study proves: express delivery increases the chances of online shops for international orders

DHL Express Austria: Massive increase in B2C shipments Bild: DHL Express Austria

For around 2 years, DHL Express has been offering cross-border e-commerce shipping to all retailers in Austria as well as its B2B core business. The B2C shipment volume increased by more than 150 percent from 2018 to 2019.

E-Commerce Business Development Manager Evelyne Leveke says: “We see ourselves as a consultant and partner to our e-commerce customers and can help online retailers tap into the potential of international online commerce or expand their existing international online business.” The DHL Express e-commerce experts advise online shops with a tailor-made approach, the so-called Website Health Check and a detailed data analysis on the opportunities abroad.

DHL Express has just published its own study on cross-border e-commerce availability, which presents the status quo of Austrian online retailers and their international potential. As part of the “e-commerce cross-border readiness study” more than 11,500 Austrian webshops were analysed. The evaluation of the data included external tools such as BuiltWith and SimilarWeb, as well as the Website Health Check analysis tool specially developed by DHL Express.

The study shows that offering express delivery increases the chances of successful completion of international visitors to the webshop. Thus, the shopping cart values can rise by up to 70 percent. At the same time, repeat purchases are being stepped up and these web shops are growing up to 60 percent faster than those that do not offer express delivery.

Some findings from the study:

-) One quarter of all webshops are headquartered in Vienna.

-) On average, webshops in Austria have more than 16,000 visits per month.

-) 80 percent of webshops offer international shipping.

-) 98 percent of webshops do not offer currency conversion.

-) Up to 6 percent lower drop-out rate by offering the website in foreign languages.

“With the findings of this study, we will be able to support Austrian traders even better in online trading,” said Ralf Schweighöfer, CEO of DHL Express in Austria.