DFDS Group is stepping up digitally

A new Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform will be launched during the second quarter of 2018

DFDS Group is stepping up digitally

In 2018, DFDS will invest in further development of digital capabilities to enhance the customer experience and gain operational efficiencies. This is expected to entail additional costs of around DKK 100m (EUR 13.5 million) as well as increased investments, the company announced yesterday.

Following the implementation of new online booking systems for shipping, passenger and logistics, DFDS has launched new apps for passengers, drivers and freight customers. “These are just the first steps in our digital development that will make it easier for customers to work with us on any device, round the clock. It will also increase the flexibility and efficiency of our operations in all areas,” says Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS. The work will be further intensified in 2018 with a new Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform.

The digital ambition is to effect a long term transformation of the company, driven by smart data, automation, modularisation and connectivity, paving the way towards autonomous transport. “We are cooperating with a variety of partners on testing emerging technologies for ship and terminals management, operations, maintenance and navigation,” says Sophie-Kim Chapman, VP and Digital Officer.

She adds, “The transformation of DFDS to a more digital company is only partly about technology. We have an equal focus on cultural change, customer experience, process standardization and new business models.” Digital developments are monitored and experimented with by a new digital Innovation team that is part of DFDS’ Digital department, which today comprises 60 cross-functional team members. 

DFDS provides efficient shipping and port terminal services, as well as transport and logistics solutions to over 8,000 customers in Europe. Across divisions and business units, freight services generate around 80 per cent of the total revenue and passenger services generate around 20 per cent. DFDS has offices in over 20 countries in Europe.