DFDS brings mega ferry into service between Turkey and the EU

DFDS is preparing for future growth with the construction of six new mega ferries in China

DFDS brings mega ferry into service between Turkey and the EU

The first vessel has been delivered to the company on 31 January. It is now en route to Turkey to accommodate an increasing demand for volume capacity from logistics companies transporting goods between Turkey and the EU.

With a load capacity of 6,700 lane meter, the vessel can accommodate 450 trailers. It has a length of 237.4 m and will be by far the largest in DFDS’ fleet. The freight ferries are each equipped with a unique ramp system with three independent stern ramps and internal ramps on each side of the vessels, making them able to load and unload trailers quickly and efficiently. This will reduce time in port considerably.

Due to the large capacity, the six freight ferries’ energy consumption per trailer transported will be significantly decreased. The ferries will all be equipped with scrubbers to reduce sulphur oxide and to be prepared for the global sulphur limit regulation which takes effect from January 2020.

“By offering our customers greater efficiency and more capacity, the new freight ferries will help our customers grow their businesses and ensure that DFDS is prepared for growth in our route network in northern Europe and the Mediterranean,” says Peder Gellert, EVP, Head of Ferry Division.