Deugro with new offices in Mozambique and Tanzania

Expansion into these countries will soon lead to further growth on the African continent

Deugro with new offices in Mozambique and Tanzania

For over 20 years, deugro has operated its own office in Johannesburg, South Africa, handling a vast number of mining projects, as well as power plants, in various countries in the southern part of Africa. As such, deugro has always been very familiar with the region.

About two years ago, deugro made a major investment and acquired its own heavy lift transport fleet. The equipment is based in South Africa, but is used cross-border for trans-porting overdimensional and heavy lift cargo into neighboring countries.
Based on our experience, the capacity to provide heavy lift transportation with our own top-quality equipment, and our network of partners, the next logical step was to expand into two more key countries for upcoming projects: Mozambique and Tanzania.

Both of our offices in these countries are fully licensed and operate their own customs clearance operations—essential to maintaining smooth and seamless activities for all types of project imports.

Deugro has shaped the freight forwarding industry since 1924. Today, it operates with more than 70 offices strategically located at gateways in over 35 countries with approximately 1,000 employees dedicated to project logistics.