CombiNet: Herbert Peherstorfer says goodbye as a chairman

More than 20 years of commitment to strengthening and making the future-oriented combined transport more attractive in Austria

CombiNet: Herbert Peherstorfer says goodbye as a chairman

In the CombiNet association, a successful era comes to an end. Chairman Herbert Peherstorfer will enter his “full retirement” on March 31st, 2019, after enjoying a “half retirement” for three and a half years before. However, enough committed people have found their way to continue and expand CombiNet. The new chairman will be Andreas Käfer from Traffix Verkehrsplanung GmbH.

“In October 1998, I started to get enthusiastic about combined transport in the old ‘Ökombi’. I am pleased to note that, despite all the perils, this environmentally friendly mode of transporting goods is becoming more and more popular, indeed it is seen as the solution of the future, as the Austrian Minister for Transport and the European Commissioner of DG MOVE repeatedly emphasised verbally”, Herbert Peherstorfer writes in a letter.

CombiNet was born out of the need to put in practice stronger combined transport initiatives.  The association was founded in autumn 2007 by more than 30 companies from all sectors of combined transport: carriers, freight forwarders, CT operators, terminals, ports, railway companies, manufacturers of handling equipment and machinery etc.

Services by CombiNet:

  • Active, neutral representation of interests
  • Strengthening participants in competition through networking
  • Economic benefits through synergies
  • Information of media, business and the public
  • Improvement of the general conditions of the combined transport
  • Information pool for its members
  • Competence center for combined transport
  • Support and consulting for projects
  • Overview of current funding opportunities
  • Initiatives for training and education