bremenports awards MSC and Yang Ming

Greenports Awards: Environmental protection has arrived at international container shipping companies

bremenports awards MSC and Yang Ming

The Greenports awards from the bremenports company will be awarded to the container shipping industry in 2018: the container ship MSC ANZU is the most environmentally friendly ship that has visited the ports of Bremen several times last year. The shipping company with the most environmentally friendly fleet in the ports of Bremen is the Yang Ming Transport Corp..

The two Greenports Awards (for the most environmentally friendly ship and the most environmentally friendly shipping fleet) were presented for the fifth time this year. The certificate for the most environmentally friendly ship was awarded on the 21st of December by bremenports managing director Robert Howe at the Bremerhaven container terminal to the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

“With this prize, we want to provide an incentive to step up efforts to increase maritime environmental protection and reward proactive companies,” said Robert Howe on the occasion of the handover. The container ship “MSC ANZU” – has called Bremerhaven six times in 2017. The MSC Anzu was built in 2015, has 95403 GT and sails under the flag of Panama.

With 51.4 points, the ship had the best Environmental Ship Index (ESI) among the ships with multiple calls per year. The good ESI value of the MSC ANZU is attributable to the fact that in 2017, in addition to improving the energy efficiency of the ship, low-sulfur fuel was bunkered. Also, the MSC ANZU has optimised combustion of the engine resulting in good nitrogen dioxide levels and can be additionally supplied with shore power.

The MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has three ships in the top ten this year. Of the ten least polluting ships this year, nine are container ships.

The shipping company Yang Ming has even four ships among the cleanest 10 ships. The average ESI of YM’s ships, which called the ports of Bremen, is 43.5. The headquarters of Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. is in Taiwan, Keelung City. The shipping company, founded in 1972, operates 98 container ships.;;