Bremen: Unusual cargo handling in the Neustädter Hafen

Seaport and logistics BLG service provider temporarily stores two historic Lufthansa aircrafts in Neustädter Hafen

Bremen: Unusual cargo handling in the Neustädter Hafen Bild: BLG-Logistics

A few weeks after the delivery of the first aircraft, the Junkers Ju 52, the second plane, the Lockheed L1649 A Super Star, reached the Neustädter Hafen in Bremen on 2 October. “The cargo is not heavy, not very big, but it’s still a Lockheed Super Star! This cannot be considered unemotionally,”  says Sven Riekers, Managing Director BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH enthusiastically.

The Super Star reached the port of Neustadt on 1 October with the ship MV ,,Industrial Dart”. In the evening, work started with the opening of the cargo ship’s hatches and the delashing of the cargo. In the early morning hours of the next day, the heavy cargo experts of BLG Logistics then untied the aircraft fuselage, the two wings and several containers with components such as engines, chassis etc.

The first of the two aircrafts, the Junkers Ju 52, reached the Neustädter Hafen already in mid-September, transported on three low loaders. The now following Lockheed Super Star was the flagship of Lufthansa flights across the Atlantic in the late 1950s. In total, only 44 pieces of this aircraft type, the largest and latest version of the legendary Lockheed Constellation, were built.