Brandnew Scania trucks for Felber and Obruly

Scania Austria delivering its first new generation vehicles sold to two Styrian transport companies

Brandnew Scania trucks for Felber and Obruly

At the end of August the new truck generation was presented in Paris; now the first sold vehicles were delivered in Austria. On January 12 the two Scania customers Felber Transport GmbH and Obruly Transporte took delivery of their new V8 tractors at the Scania branch in Kalsdorf.

The premiere units are both two-axle tractors with V8 motor and 16-liter displacement, full air suspension and completely flat cab floor. The two Ivory White-painted trucks will shortly be deployed in long-distance traffic.

“We are very pleased to be able to take delivery of our first new generation car today. The S 730 really does it all and is the flagship of our fleet,” said Manfred Obruly, CEO of the eponymous transport company in Gabersdorf, during the handover at the Scania branch in Kalsdorf.

Also Michael Klamminger, managing director of Felber Transport GmbH in Sinabelkirchen, is very pleased: “This vehicle meets our expectations for the premium segment. We expect top performance from our employees and drivers, and we ensure they get a working tool – and of course a living room – with full equipment. We believe that the new Scania model sets the benchmark for the combination of performance, handling and equipment.”

“These two tractor units, an S 730 A4x2NB and S 520 A4x2LB, are anything but standard,” said Walter Skasa, Scania sales consultant and contact person for Obruly Transporte and Felber Transport GmbH. Since both entrepreneurs are only satisfied with the best, their new units have a full leather upholstery and chrome packages. On request, the two frames can also be covered with aluminum checker plate.

Since Obruly Transporte and Felber Transport GmbH not only want to create luxury working places for their drivers – the S 730 even features a coffee machine and a TV – but also want to visually stand out in the street, both Scanias have effect painting and the respective company logo. In addition the vehicles are equipped with stationary air condition and heating and full LED lighting as standard.