Austria: Asfinag announces new toll for trucks and buses

Surcharge for noise and harmful emissions on the toll for trucks and buses in Austria from January 2017

Austria: Asfinag announces new toll for trucks and buses

As of January 2017, the truck and bus toll system in Austria will be rearranged. Instead of the previous four-stages bonus-malus system in line with the Euro emission classes, in future there will be only two basic kilometer rates (bonus for tariff group A – Euro VI and tariff group B – Euro 0-V and EEV), with additional external costs for noise and air pollution for the first time.

The tariff will in future be composed as follows: basic rate for infrastructure per kilometer depending on the tariff group (as previously differentiated by the number of axles), plus external costs for traffic-based noise and air pollution (by emission class and number of axles).

The infrastructure toll remains with Asfinag and will still flow into the construction, operation and traffic safety on Austrian motorways and expressways. The external costs flow to the Ministry of Transport.