Arvato integrates photo studio into logistics centres

Integrating product photography directly into the warehouse Arvato expands its offering for fashion companies and accelerates the way of products to the web shop

Arvato integrates photo studio into logistics centres

Arvato and Fashot, a leading European photo agency in the fashion segment, agreed on cooperation. Their joint target is to integrate photo studios into the distribution centres.

“Expanding the offer is our response to the according signals from the market. The new service will streamline the processes of product photography, and guarantees prompt availability of the merchandises in the web shop. This means a time advandage in sale for fashion companies“, says Niels Weithe, Managing Director Consumer Products – Arvato SCM Solutions.

The studios will allow to photograph a full collection within 24 hours and make the pictures available online. Also single product updates in the web shop can be implemented without delay. “Speed and flexibility are important core competencies in e-commerce. With the built-in photo studios and harmonized processes we offer fashion companies a more efficient supply chain,” explains Niels Weithe.

The experience of e-commerce service provider Arvato shows that professional product photos facilitate the purchase decision of online shoppers especially in the fashion industry, by conveying a realistic picture of color, cut and material. “In addition, high-quality and meaningful product images lower the return rate. Fashion companies can thus save a lot of money,” adds Niels Weithe.

The photo studios are directly integrated into the logistics processes of Arvato’s e-commerce centers. “In a cross-docking process new products arrive without delay at the studio and are photographed on the same day,” says Lee Friend, CEO of Fashot.

The studios will have the necessary equipment for fashion photography such as cameras, lighting, catwalk and computer. The services include both the development of brand-specific style guides, model management, product photography, including 360-degree images, the video creation and post-production, including image editing.