A new strong general cargo network for Germany

The three general cargo cooperatives VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik, ILN and S.T.a.R. plan to merge

A new strong general cargo network for Germany

The general cargo cooperative VTL VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik looks back on 20 successful years and sets the pace for a promising future through its merger with the general cargo cooperatives ILN and S.T.a.R. The network shall start operating in beginning of 2019.

It is planned that VTL, ILN and S.T.a.R. pool the activities of their system headquarters, as well as their operational networks. By mid-2019, this shall create a leading general cargo network. It has already been decided that VTL, ILN and S.T.a.R. will be equally involved in the new company. The location of the new system headquarters has not yet been determined. Employees will continue to work at the locations of their respective system headquarters. The three partners expect positive synergy effects in all areas of network management.

“For the local system partners, however, nothing will change for the time being,” says VTL’s CEO Andreas Jäschke. Negotiated conditions and regulations will still apply. The biggest advantage is the higher network security and stability. The Cargo Family was barely able to survive in the long term without the merger with ILN and S.T.a.R., Jäschke is convinced. After the merger, the new network in Germany will count over 300 system partners.