ZIM to optimise its Med-North Europe service

Enhanced ZIM East Mediterranean-North Europe service structure with two standalone strings to be launched in July

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ZIM Integrated Shipping (Haifa/Israel) announces that as of the second week of July 2015 its East Med-North Europe services will be split into two standalone strings, which will offer the following :
North Europe – Israel – North Europe dedicated service with improved transit time to/from North Europe to both Ashdod and Haifa
North Europe  – East Med  – North Europe dedicated service which will cover with improved transit time the ports of Alexandria & Mersin
• The Israel dedicated service will be supported by ZIM feeding network in the East Med, allowing fast transshipment from ZIM Hub at Haifa to all Black Sea, Marmara ports & Greek ports
• Feeding network to all the main Baltic and Scandinavian countries, with emphasis on Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway
• Mersin will be served directly from/to North Europe
In addition to these two services, ZIM’s popular North Europe Service 2 (NE2) continues to operate without changes. ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd was established in 1945, and has developed into one of the largest, leading carriers in the global container shipping industry. The fleet comprises 89 vessels, 17 fully or partly owned, with a total carrying capacity of over 363,474 TEUs. The company operates over 558,000 TEUs of various types.