Yusen Logistics enhances its hazardous goods competence in Duisburg

Almost EUR 2 million-investment into a new hazardous goods warehouse with three fire areas and a capacity for 9,000 Euro pallets

Yusen Logistics enhances its hazardous goods competence in Duisburg

These days Yusen Logistics starts operating a new hazardous goods warehouse at its location in Duisburg-Rheinhausen, thus being able to offer also storage, throughput and picking services for several hazardous goods.

Mario Cavallucci, Managing Director Yusen Logistics Germany: “The business segment of storage and logistics of hazardous goods is another milestone in the business development of Yusen Germany. We are responding to the increased demand for hazardous goods logistics, which is an integrated part of our future strategy. With the new warehouse our customers find a reliable partner also for the sector of hazardous goods.“

Yusen counts among the major logistics providers in Duisburg. The European distribution centre is located in the logport, the world’s biggest inland port, and has an excellent link to several motorways. The distribution centre offers the full range of storage services on a surface of about 60,000 m².

The new hazardous goods warehouse has a total capacity of around 10,000 m² and 9,000 Euro pallets spaces, as well as a sufficiently large area for handling and provision. It has 3 fire compartments, equipped with state of the art fire fighting technology and fire alarm system. The largest of the three fire zones is secured by rack sprinklers with additional foam, the other two fire zones have a special light foam extinguishing system. Also, a gas detection and automatic ventilation system are now part of the new hall.

The entire hall is designed as closed “well”, equipped with leak and fire water techniques and thus approved for the water hazard classes 1 to 3. In terms of logistics the site can accommodate for example dispersions, resins, inks, aerosols, engine oils and similar “standard” substances, which are listed as a hazardous substance. Storage can be provided for hazardous substances of the storage classes 2B, 3, 4.1B, 5.1B, 6.1C, 6.1D, 8A, 8B, 10, 11, 12 und 13.