Yet many open questions with the French “Loi Macron”

Austria’s transport industry is pushing for the rapid elimination of ambiguities in the question of “minimum wage” for truck drivers in France

Yet many open questions with the French “Loi Macron”

On April 9, 2016 France has published the implementing regulation for the so-called “Loi Macron”. This Act shall apply both for the transport of goods and passengers, and regulates the “minimum wage” or the payment (~ 10 euros / hour) for activities in France (similar to the German “Milog” minimum wage law) and will apply from July 1, 2016.

According to interpretation of the IRU (International Road Transport Union) this law applies also to cabotage and bilateral traffic (excluding transit traffic). However, at this stage, it is unclear whether the application of the “Loi Macron” refers to all cabotage or bilateral transportations, or if there are special provisions, especially regarding the application in various contractual relationships.

At present in Austria, no reliable information is yet available on the practical application of this law. Even a high-ranging conference on the EU level (on June 9th) with IRU participation did not deliver any results on this.

As the Working Group of International Hauliers in Austria (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internationaler Straßenverkehrsunternehmer Österreich) was informed at an international meeting, the EU Commission is considering initiating infringement proceedings against France in terms of this law (analogous to the procedure against Germany’s “Milog”).