XPack Solutions GmbH launches operation on August 1, 2017

The new Styrian company is a full-service partner for packaging and transport solutions for technical goods to be packed

XPack Solutions GmbH launches operation on August 1, 2017

The last preparations on the company site have been completed, the crane system and the forklift trucks are ready for operation, and the team has prepared everything. After a planning and construction period of one year, XPack Solutions GmbH will launch its operations at the industrial center in Straß, southern Styria with 10 employees.

XPack Solutions is positioned on the market as a highly specialised service provider for container storage, export and packaging of industrial goods. The highlights of their portfolio include solutions with corrosion protection for up to 15 years for sensitive industrial goods such as motors, generators and transformers.

The “newcomer” among the Austrian packaging logistics companies is moving into a brand new rented property in Straß, southern Styria. The 3,500 m² warehouse is divided into a segment with a 16-tonne forklift and an area for the manipulation of heavy goods with a special hall crane with a lifting capacity of 60 tonnes.

“Our ambition is to offer our customers optimal solutions and to face new challenges”, emphasises Managing Director Christian Walzl. He is supported by experts of export packaging, logistics and corrosion protection.