World’s first online study course for maritime logistics

Logistics in global maritime shipping is a highly complex topic and requires skilled workforce

World’s first online study course for maritime logistics

Thanks to the new online study course “Bachelor Maritime Logistics and Port Management” industry veterans from around the world will be able to attend a special study program and thus qualify for the next career steps in the maritime and port logistics. WINGS (Wismar International Graduation Services GmbH), a provider of distance studies and the port company bremenports work closely together within this project.

“The requirements of maritime logistics are constantly rising and the demand for professionals and managers is high,” says Robert Howe, CEO bremenports. “Years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge are required to move up to the management level in this business. Together with Wings, a renowned distance learning provider, we have designed an online degree program for the maritime and logistics industry.”

“The program is international, in English language and can be studied from around the world,” says Professor Dr. Sönke Reise, leader of the Wings program. “Online campus and study app allow students from Germany, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America to study together in a study group.” Internationally experienced professors and lecturers from Germany, Austria and Sweden provide the course content through interactive video lectures and live tutorials.

bremenports as an experienced partner in the industry provides for the practical relevance. Experts of the management company of the Bremen ports bring in expertise in the fields of maritime logistics, port organisation and management, and in the financing of logistics processes and projects.

The online degree program shall be launched in the summer semester of 2017. Application deadline is February 28. The tests may be written in Germany at eight locations, or worldwide at Goethe Institutes, partner universities, but also in embassies or public institutions.

Those who study internationally today, have the best prospects to a career in one of the biggest industries. Economic scientific thinking, controlling, project and process management are required strongly. There are employees of shipping companies, port companies, logistics companies and forwarders, but also newcomers, who want to qualify with industry-specific expertise and an international university degree for management positions.;