WOOB start-up sets up innovative Self Storage Service for companies

Modern logistics service with transport, storage and online portal launched with flexible pricing

WOOB start-up sets up innovative Self Storage Service for companies

WOOB, a Vienna-based start-up, transfers the concept of warehousing into the 21st century by using innovative services. Via a modern online portal customers can order the required boxes and just have to pack their belongings. WOOB performs all transport and storing operations.

“Modern service means, I can order conveniently from home and a pro then does everything for me. We are bringing this offer to Austria, and for customers, this is a double win situation: they have more space and don’t need to drive to the warehouse themselves every time,” founder Wolfgang Oberhumer explains the business idea of the new start-up with the motto “WOOB we create space in your apartment and office”.

Private customers are keeping their camping equipment, winter clothes or old toys in WOOB’s boxes. Business customers outsource their archive or promotional materials. The entire service is run on an online portal. Around the clock, boxes can be ordered or managed and delivery dates can be agreed. The services include delivery, pick-up and return of the required boxes.

Also in terms of safety WOOB has taken care of everything. The plastic boxes (dimensions: 60 x 40 x 42 cm, maximum weight 30 kg) are closed with seals. The warehouse is secured and has video cameras, access and transport services are exclusively in the hands of a professional logistics partner.

Boxes can be stored with WOOB from EUR 4,90 per month. Payment is flexible according to the used boxes, there is no flat rate per square meter. With July 2016, the service is available in Vienna and will be expanded to more cities in the coming months.

WOOB was founded by Wolfgang Oberhumer. He has more than 20 years of experience in senior positions in the logistics industry. Many ideas about functioning service originate from his professional stay in Abu Dhabi.