WienCont enhances its SOLAS weighing service

The gross weight of containers is determined on a calibrated weighbridge in the port of Vienna

WienCont enhances its SOLAS weighing service

Due to the requirements of the 1974 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea – SOLAS – WienCont Container Terminal GmbH provides a weighing service using a calibrated weighbridge of the accuracy class III since the end of June. The necessary services and equipment is provided by the port of Vienna (Hafen Wien), the parent company of WienCont.

First, trucks are weighed together with the container on the premises of the port of Vienna; then the containers are dropped off at the container terminal. The truck is then weighed in a second weighing procedure, without the container, so the difference can be calculated.

Thus, the VGM (dead weight, load, or the weight of the load securing means) as required by SOLAS can be determined in a fast way. As a result, the customer receives a ptorocol of the weighing and can transfer the data promptly to the respective authorities.