Wien Holding continues expanding the port

In the year 2016, the logistics sector accounted for about 38.1 percent of the group’s consolidated turnover

Wien Holding continues expanding the port

In 2016, Wien Holding continued on the favourable path of the past years. The relevant business indicators show a clear growth trend, both in the group as a whole and in its consolidated companies. Based on the balance sheet for the year 2016, the company was able to present one of the best economic results and further progress since its repositioning in 2002.

The expansion program for the Port of Vienna, for example, was continued consequently. After completion of the second part of the land reclamation project, the Port of Vienna has an additional 35,000 m² operational area for the container and warehousing business. The port’s designated car terminal, one of the largest car distribution centers in Austria, was expanded by around 3,000 m². This increased the annual handling capacity from 50,000 to 70,000 vehicles. The business volume in this segment was increased by 30 percent.

The figures for 2016 of the Vienna Holding Group involve a turnover of around EUR 480 million for the group as a whole, of which EUR 152.5 million were contributed by the consolidated companies, a balance sheet total of just under EUR 925 million and a consolidated balance sheet profit of EUR 4.3 million. In addition, the equity ratio rose to 52.5 percent, with equity rising by EUR 14.4 million year-on-year.

The real estate segment is the most revenue-generating business segment in the group. The group’s total sales (consolidated plus non-consolidated companies) account for around 44.8 percent. The logistics division ranked second in sales revenue, with a share of approximately 38.1 percent, followed by the Culture business segment with 15.3 percent and the media sector with around 1.73 percent.

During the period from 2013 to 2016, Wien Holding invested between EUR 120 and 170 million per year, or a total of EUR 620 million into infrastructure, growth and job security. In 2016 only, the figure was EUR 124.7 million, with about 81 percent of the investments (around EUR 101.4 million) in the real estate sector, and 14 percent (around EUR 17.6 million) in the logistics sector, 3.5 (about EUR 4.3 million), and the rest in the media sector.

This consistently high level is also maintained in 2017. In the current year, EUR 125 million are earmarked for investments.

About 75 companies are currently under the umbrella of Wien Holding. The group is owned by the City of Vienna. It fulfills municipal tasks, is privately organised and is geared towards profit, while taking into account public-sector objectives. In this structure, the port of Vienna is a logistics hub of supraregional importance for the supply of the city of Vienna and the eastern region.