Volkswagen Group Logistics automating its forwarding processes

Recently launched digital platform Discovery makes processes in transport logistics easier and more transparent

Volkswagen Group Logistics automating its forwarding processes

Involving more than 5,000 suppliers and logistics partners, the supply chain in the European network of the Volkswagen Group is highly complex. Inbound logistics, in cooperation with suppliers and carriers, ensures timely delivery of parts to the production lines.

To make this interface more efficient, the group’s logistics division has elaborated solutions to initially automate the registration of transports between suppliers and carriers. Discovery is a first joint digital platform.

The aim of the logistics division in the Volkswagen group is to handle the transport volume of the group via this platform in the future. Discovery is currently being rolled out in Europe. By the start of next year, all European suppliers should be using this communication platform. Further functions will be gradually developed, such as for express and parcel shipments, direct services and special trips, and will integrated into the system.

Matthias Braun, Manager Planning of Network and Site Projects in the group’s logistics division: “We are seizing the opportunities of the digital change to improve data communication between all parties involved in the process. This resulted in this platform.”

“Discovery” was jointly developed by the Volkswagen group’s logistics division and their software partner Euro-Log. The cloud-based software package of the two partners was awarded the 2017 elogistics Award at the AKJ Automotive Congress on April 5 in Saarbrucken.